We have been using Bootstrap for a while now on our bespoke projects and we absolutley love it. If you’re a web developer or designer you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Well here’s 6 great reasons to check it out.

Speed Up The Development Process

Because the framework is so easy to use and has an excellent grid system, you can get your project up in half the time it would take to build from scratch. The HTML elements already come with basic styling allowing you to modify the styles where needed. If you’re looking to get your project or app up and running as quickly as possible definitely consider using Bootstrap!

Responsive Design

The popularity of mobile devices continues to increase. More and more people are turning to their phones and tablets to view websites and purchase goods. Responsive sites bring their own set of headaches (bit like the days of IE6), however with Bootstrap, creating responsive sites are a doddle!

Bootstrap has a fluid grid layout which just works out of the box so their’s no need to worry about seperate break points etc. You can use the inbuilt classes to determine where the design needs to stack columns horizontally or vertically.


The Bootstrap documentation is great! Everything you need is there to get you started playing and tinkering with the framework. There are also template examples you can download to help the learning process and get everything sinking in quickly.

Browser Consistency

Who can remember the days of IE 6? They’re probably best forgotten, countless hours wasted trying to hack a design to make it look good was counter productive to say the least!

Thankfully, browsers have moved on since then and so has browser support. Bootstrap was actually founded on the principle of consistency, ensuring that the project is uniform across all current browsers, definitely another major time saver!

Future Proof

Bootstrap is built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 elements, the framework is always being updated by the creators with Bootstrap 4 just around the corner :)

Packaged Components For Javascript

One of our most favourite features are the packaged javascript components that selectively come with the framework. We can manipulate Tool Tips, Modal Windows, Alerts and more without having to write any scripts which saves a hell of a lot of time for us.


The best way to find out if Bootstrap is for you is to download it and have a play around with it for yourself. It has dramatically saved a lot of time for us which allows us to pass on our savings to our clients and it also allows us to take on more clients, it’s a win win situation!